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SK-48 Stand On 48″ Deck

  • The Stalker SK-48 is the next generation of powerful electric stand-on mowers powered by Lithium-Ion batteries with a mowing time of up to 7 hours depending on battery pack size, terrain, operator performance and grass conditions.
  • It has the ability to cut grass up to 5″ with its adjustable 48″ floating cutting deck c/w anti scalp solid front wheels.
  • Hi/Low blade speed control allows the blade to be slowed when cutting short grass thus saving power.
  • The machine has been designed using aerospace technology to give a lightweight yet strong chassis and the low centre of gravity and exceptional power gives it the ability to climb gradients easily and safely.
  • With a maximum noise level of 76db it is below the legal limits for hearing protection. This also allows the Stalker to be used in noise sensitive areas.
  • It has zero emissions, no fuel costs or fuel transportation issues and a significant reduction in servicing costs and wearing parts.
  • Options include rear discharge, LED Lights, grass box, USB Port and a very efficient, labour saving front mounted blower and remote control blower nozzle.┬áPlease click the video below to see the SK-48 in action.

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