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Benefits of Mean Green Mowers

7 Hours Mowing Time Per Full Charge

  • Powered by Patented Lithium Energy Modules

  • Offers all day mowing with extreme power and stealthy operation

  • With available Horsepower exceeding most commercial petrol/diesel mowers in their classes

  • Maximum torque from the start

Zero Emissions

  • Zero Emissions

  • No exhaust fumes

  • Petrol / Diesel mowers emit carcinogenic fumes , whereas these electric mowers emits Zero fumes

  • Working near people and buildings a commercial electric mower is better for the environment

Low Vibrations

  • Significantly lower vibration levels than traditional petrol / diesel mowers

  • With an electric unit 15 points after 2 hours – with the equivalent petrol 65 points

  • Many companies now have a 95 to 100 point policy

  • Protect your staff and be legally compliant

  • Avoid the “no win no fee , insurance claim” issues

Lower Running Costs

  • To fully recharge from flat, it costs:-

    • £0.80 for the WBX

    • £1.20 for the SK-48

    • £1.60 for the CXR

Low Maintenance

  • No Belts

  • No Filters

  • No Hydraulics

  • No Cables

  • No Engine Servicing

Low Noise

  • All Mean Green Commercial Electric Mowers are under legal noise limit

  • No need for ear defenders

  • No ear defenders means more comfort for operators

  • Quiet when cutting

  • Minimising background noise disruption at schools, colleges

  • Quiet enough for use at Crematoriums and Cemeteries

  • Great for use in town centre locations

Lower Operating Costs

Electric Unit

  • Running cost approximately £1.20 per day

Petrol Comparison 

  • With a petrol unit 1 gallon of fuel per hour of use

  • Assume Petrol £4.14 per gallon

  • 8 hours of use £33.10

With electric No opportunity for on site / in operation wastage (theft)

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