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Mean Green Mowers was born in a garage by Joe Conrad and son, Matt who designed and built the first Commercial Zero Turn all electric mower. Joe, Matt and a talented crew of craftsmen have developed innovative, common sense, commercial electric mowers and have changed the way customers view electric powered equipment.

Powered by Mean Green Lithium Energy Modules, the mowers offer all day mowing with extreme power and quiet operation. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial petrol and diesel mowers in their classes and maximum torque from the start, Mean Green Mowers prove that commercial electric mowers can be powerful.

Mean Green Mowers are manufactured and each mower is hand built in the town of Ross, Ohio, USA with the highest degree of strength and durability utilizing aluminium alloys, high strength steel, lightening holes, and modern bending technologies. Their patent pending mower designs and lithium battery technology provide the operator with all day commercial run times.

“Mean Green pride themselves on being the industry innovators, not only changing the way people see their equipment, but changing the way people experience the POWER of electric.”

Mean Green Mowers…..Leading the Electric Mower Revolution!

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